CHAPTER 1 What’s it all about? 2 Our first day 3 An Evening in Jaffa 4 The Golan Heights 5 Suicide Bombing 6 1947 An Ugly war 7 The 6-Day-War 8 The Manchester connection 9 Museums 10 Ammunition Hill 11 The King David Hotel 12 Stern Connections 13 Tel Aviv talks to me 14 The Road to Manshiyah 15 Rehovot 16 Ramle Cemetery 17 On the Gaza border 18 The Negev 19 Latrun 20 The West Bank 21 Ramallah Palestine 22 Hebron 23 Going Home 24 As you were – Carry on! 25 The Last Chapter 

 Post Boxes outside the old Police Station - Left from British Mandatory Rule. The Kishle was built during the Ottoman Empire, it has since been occupied by the British Police, Israeli Police and now, it is a 5* hotel. 

 The Kishle is a 5-star hotel today, but the renovation has been done very well. 

 The Kishle in Ottoman times 

 Kishle late 19th Century